Tempus Fugit is Latin for time flies and as I return to post a new blog it’s a bit disconcerting to see it’s almost been a year since I last blogged. I could say tempus fugit while I’m having fun, but unfortunately that’s only partly true. Summer 2016 was slow as molasses with flies hovering overhead. I had several things to distract me and fill my head with creative inspiration, but as July progressed I lost a dear friend, only 53 years old. Then September was a low point. My brother died, I had knee surgery, another 52 year old friend died and the month ended with a young man taking his own life. I questioned a lot of things, clinging to the comfort of love, and somehow, slowly I got through it.

All these months later I look back at the strength of human spirit to endure tragedy, entanglements, doubts, relationship difficulties, and wildly unexplainable creative outbursts that produced some of my best artwork. The fiery furnace of life provides fuel for creativity. Is it worth the trials to see the end result? I think it is food for thought, but I really don’t know the answer. What is sure is that time will indeed pass and if we take the opportunity to create, whether it be a painting, sculpture, song, poem, or story there is value in the healing quality of making something from nothing. Time will surely pass even if we do not “make”, but what a wonder it is to look back and see that thing produced as a result of those lean and struggling hours. Maybe it was the very thing that carried us through to today.

So look back at the calendar pages and ask yourself this….did I create during the darkest days and brightest nights? Either with or without it time will, indeed, fly so why not go ahead and continue on the path most loved? Creatives cannot live in a vacuum void of product. And do not judge the value of the creation for everything has worth, if only for your own satisfaction. You survived that period of time. That’s all that matters.

Claudia Lowery


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