Or….you win some, you lose some….

The gallery survived the bleak days of January and February based on the abundance of December sales. In spite of neighboring merchant’s warnings of a drop in sales after Christmas nothing prepares you for the cricket-chirping quiet of an empty gallery. I’ve said it before and mean it…doubts don’t creep in until the cash drawer is silent…and right now, it’s a monolith of muteness.

And then there was a glimmer of hope. Two days ago a new customer visited and after much looking settled on a soft-hued pastel landscape. She said she loved it, but also asked, “What if I get home and it just doesn’t work?” My answer was, “I want you to purchase based on the art ‘speaking’ to you and so if you really feel drawn to it then when it’s home you’ll find a way to make it work. However…..we do have a 5 day return policy, so save your receipt and return it fully intact and I’ll refund your money.” That seemed to satisfy her and the sale was completed.

Premonitions are funny things and something held me back from announcing the sale to the artist and on social media. I also left the hanger in place on the wall. When she left my parting words were, “You have until Saturday, but if you decide before that I’d sure love to know.” Two days later the art was returned with this statement. “I hung it on the wall and no one noticed it.” Oh my.  I expressed my regret and suggested checking in again as new work rotates in and out regularly, but my “evil” side wanted to share my opinion and it wasn’t very nice. I didn’t. Easy come…easy go.

Life is often full of disappointments and this is just a little one along the way. I want to be the bigger person and accept disappointments with grace, but when your gallery is dependent on sales to survive, every penny counts. Despondence is NOT an option. Work based on hope and diligence is the ONLY option.

So, give me a cliché to hang my hat on…win some, lose some…life hands you lemons, make lemonade…don’t count your chickens before they hatch…etc.

I’m writing my own cliché based on a lesson I heard recently. Expectancy versus expectation. My destiny has been prescribed by something outside my ultimate control. I will not set myself up for failed expectations, but live my life in joyful expectancy of what is yet to come.









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