There are only 8 more shopping days until Christmas and today the gallery has been eerily quiet. Fortunately it’s been pretty busy the past two weeks so I’m enjoying a moment of peace and quiet, something I’m desperately in need of. Sometimes what we truly need comes to us without asking. It’s wonderful and, I believe, divine.

I recently picked up two large sheets of exceptional watercolor paper at an estate sale for nearly nothing. The only thing is, someone had previously painted on one side. They were unfinished background washes with large, non-descript flower outlines, but the colors were pleasing. Believing nothing should be wasted, I took both of them, broke and tore the sheets into 5×7 ragged edged pieces. Now I had 16 small watercolors sheets with abstract backgrounds on which to create new art. I thought about who may have started and abandoned the original work and how it had multiplied by 8. Food for thought about the journey of life.

Just because it’s Christmas doesn’t guarantee happiness, peace or quiet. However, two sheets of paper are going to take me on a creative journey that will make me smile, reflect, center, and find focus again. It’s what I need and so nothing is wasted. Not the season, moments of melancholy, or the empty gallery can force me into submission. I will recognize that creativity can redeem my attitude so nothing is wasted. And the multiplication of joy will perpetuate the feeling to the next and next and next person because I’ve decided to share some of what I create with someone else. I can tell them this story, that it started it’s journey in a basket at an estate sale, lost, lonely, unfinished….but that wasn’t the end. It saved me and I saved it. Nothing is wasted. Nothing.


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