Oh! Christmas Tree???

No writer is going to pass up a prime opportunity to list the things they are thankful for and neither will I. Tomorrow much of the world will take part in the internal reflection of being grateful. Have an attitude of gratitude is a great way to live, but is it always possible?

I don’t know, probably not. If we consider all the surrounding situations in the world it’s easy, at least for me, to feel moments of despair or confusion about inequality, unfairness, inhumane treatment of others, and literal evil. Put on that happy face Baby and s-m-i-l-e!

What if I don’t want to fake a smile? I’m usually a positive encourager who most people see as upbeat, but in reality, in the quiet alone moments I feel the negative pull. I MUST find redemption, purpose, and even humor in situations in order to combat the force pulling like gravity against me. Maybe that is the very purpose for which we express thankfulness; to push us to a higher level of perspective that tweaks the view to where we can’t help but feel better about the negatives. Don’t know, but it’s food for thought.

So, I’m “feeling” that melancholy whisper in my psyche and I’ll drown it with my written voice by sharing a short list of gratitude to squash that old man who wants me to succumb to tears, depression or sadness. Here goes…

I’m thankful for…..

  • My godly, artist mother who taught me to see the world through creative eyes. She encouraged every one of my artistic endeavors whether it was baking a cake, writing an angst-filled poem, playing the piano, acting in a school play, or painting a picture. She was goofy, funny, gifted and talented. She loved God, Jesus, my daddy, my brother and me.
  • My dad, a rock-steady predictable man who never missed work or church. I loved watching from the hall door as he danced with Mom in the living room. He never once complained when dying with lung cancer. He had integrity and a dry wit.

Okay….I need to stop right here and say, hold your horses, Claudia. You’re going to end up in tears missing those who’ve passed on. That sort of defeats the purpose of this blog. Let me start over…

I’m thankful for…

  • that weird 4 foot tall Christmas tree I created in the gallery that I spent a total of $5 on. It is a Styrofoam cone-shaped topiary ($2 at a yard sale) that I wrapped in a $3 pair of lime green sheer curtains with zig-zag patterns of sequins all over. I bought them at a thrift store. They make me smile.
  • my BOSE Bluetooth speaker that make 2500 square feet sound like a concert hall when paired with Pandora. Ah, the good life.
  • my lime green (I love that color) retro coffee table that is a gathering place for artists, musicians, and friends around a coffee pot. It sits in the back of the gallery awaiting the next visitor that comes just to talk.
  • that I’m surrounded by art that even though I could never afford it all I get to enjoy it for a period until it finds a new home.
  • having a day off tomorrow to enjoy some couch time
  • the sounds of life along the street as we approach the Wonderland of Lights festival and the official turning on of the lights coming in about an hour. Maybe some guests will come spend money!
  • that half a piece of buttermilk pie that I didn’t finish because who needs the extra calories? Besides….there will be more tomorrow.
  • the internet that keeps me connected to total strangers who might care about another stranger (me) for the 5 minutes used to read this blog. Hello out there….HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

And, I guess that’s enough for now. Of course, there’s so much more, but they’re treasures in my heart. I’m not wealthy, but I’m richer than most of the people in this world. Blessed beyond what I deserve, happy in the moment, and ready to continue traveling along the surprising journey God has planned for me, I’ll return to the gallery in a couple of days prepared to face a throng of art lovers chomping at the bit to buy unique and creative finds to fill their empty spaces regardless of the price. Okay….I can dream, can’t I? So I have said it….so let it be done.

Thank you for listening to my ravings. I’m feeling much better now.


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