PROCRASTINATION~It’s a Really Big Word

When I was in the fourth grade I learned the daunting word ‘procrastination’ because my mother was frustrated with how I put off doing my chores. Every Saturday morning my brother and I were greeted with a list of child-sized jobs to accomplish to earn our allowance. The pay off was a whopping 25 cents for years and then I negotiated up to $1 due to cost of living and all. During that time though I had the tendency to be distracted by any and every other thing to do other than chores. Hence…a new vocabulary word. Procrastination.

You’ve heard of attention deficit disorder? ADD? Well, I have ADOS…attention deficit oh, shiny. Tasks looming ahead of me are easily put off when something “shinier” comes along; things like phone calls, straightening the gallery, checking email, Facebooking, staring into space, creating a new playlist, writing blogs….oops, did I just say that? Yes, I have a particular task to get done right this minute and here I sit waxing eloquent about postponing the inevitable job. That has to be the ultimate foot-dragging excuse…I’m writing about it.

Retail involves a LOT of work, especially when you are the sole employee. I think if I were honest I might have fired me by now. Yes, I work hard, but sometimes I goof off, too. I’m sorry, did you think I was just a wonder workhorse? That’s what I thought you thought. I go in spurts, up and down ladders until I’m exhausted, editing photos for hours, perusing artists, galleries, and information online, sweeping, dusting and more. I won’t tell you what I postpone but trust me, there are some important things I hate doing and will clean the toilet to keep from doing that one thing. Crazy, eh?

Maturity involves buckling up and doing the undesirable things. I’m 63 and still working on it. When I arrive at that grown up destination I’ll schedule a celebrationĀ event. That’s one of the “shiny” things I love doing, so it would be a great distraction. One thing in life I hope I always have is a teachable spirit, a willingness to recognize my fatal flaws (note flaws is plural), and be ready to work on that while adjusting along the path. The gallery was my big idea so the “boss” doesn’t want to hear my whining.

Just do it, Claudia.


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