So I blinked and remembered….I HAVE A BLOG TO WRITE! Nothing for a solid week….how did that happen?

Busy-ness. I’m an early awakener, but a lie-in-bed for another hour person. What could I possibly do during that time? Well here’s what. Turn on the tv, check my phone, Words with Friends, Facebook, listen to the news, text a morning message to my best friend and if she responds I’ll call her and we talk half an hour (on a short day). Then repeat the other stuff. BAM! One hour gone. But that’s not the busy part.

Shower, dress, make breakfast for two, leave for work, make several errand stops, then land at the gallery.

At the gallery I turn on a bunch of lamps and sweep out front, check email, clean a minute and then here come the artists. They are dropping off, picking up work, or generally just stopping in to say hi and visit. Throughout the day they and other friends drift in and out to shoot the breeze, a little gossip and/or counseling. That amounts to a listening ear and a lot of free advice. Don’t know why they want to talk with me, just know it happens. Next thing you know….it’s mid afternoon and the time’s gotten away from me and like now, it’s 6:45 and I’m still at work. The gallery is closed and quiet, but NOW I can get stuff done. It’s just awful……or is it?

No, it isn’t awful. It is WONDERFUL! I love my friends and acquaintances. They bring drama, laughter, and interest to each day. Time never drags. It is full, savory and sweet! Consider the alternative….no friends. That’s not living….that is a fate worse than death.

I look around and say goodnight to the “people” here late with me. Carol’s woman in waiting, Becky’s bright flower, Lynn’s pleasure pixies, Christine’s stags, Stacy’s prophet, Dennis’ fortune teller, Jenny’s double-vision faces and more. They speak silently to me and say, “We’ll be here in the morning with stories to tell from the night in the gallery, her walls holding artist secrets and tales of anxious thoughts.” I am secretly reluctant to leave for I feel at home amongst them. They know me and I know them. We are friends and though they are created to be shared with the world, I will miss them when they are sold and depart. We had “our time”, but someday….we will part. But for now…..



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